Sunday, September 30, 2012

The farm's a growing !

When we started our venture we wanted to have a farm. We want to be self sufficent , we have a garden, chickens, fish and venison. The next is beef and pigs. So i started fencing in one of our pastures , next is to build another lean-to. Our one neighbor's heffer had a calf and disowned it, so he had to bottle feed it. Our other neighbor lost a calf at birth , so he borrowed it to nurse off his heffer so she would give milk. So it worked out for both of them and eventully me.Because i got the offer to buy him and his name is "Bucky". In the first picture you will see the landing where the lean-to is going. Tomorrow i string the barb wire and in a few weeks he is bringing him over. We need to get him use to us since he's an orphen and has had two other dad's. We went to see him the other day and my camera battery went low or i would have pics of him.

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