Friday, July 27, 2012

Sickle , salad and a bench !

So i traveled an hour to see this sicklebar and i was pleasantly surprised. First Rodney was a really cool guy , Katie & i talked with him for about an hour and a half. He helped us load it in the truck and we were on our way ! It has some surface rust so i'm soaking it in used motor oil before i mount it. Then we made our first salad from our garden. We use oil,vinegar,seasoning ,then throw in some sliced tomatoe,onion,cucumber and sweet peppers, "delicious" ! I built another set of shelves and work bench that i needed badly. Also we have really been enjoying our fresh eggs  . Since we got the new rooster the hens have really been popping them out. So much that we are able to share with our neighbors and friends. I will be starting on that lean-too soon , it's just that we have been getting alot of rain and humidity!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New rooster & the garden !

So i'm looking thru the newspaper and there's and ad for a free rooster. It is a Dominique rooster about the same age as our hens and free to a good home. We called the lady and she agreed to meet us at Foodland supermarket about 45 mins. away. We met her and she was very nice and happy to know he would have a good home. She had him in with another rooster which was the dominent one and he picked on him alot. Now he's in the pen with 8 hens and he seems to be really happy with his new environment ! We also got alot of rain these last few night and our garden is going nuts ! I also found a used 6' sicklebar mower in that paper that i have been searching for for awhile. It will be used mostly to cut the edges of our stream , instead of weedwacking all 700 yards of it. Thats the length of one side then you go back the same distance on the other side, yeh !

Friday, July 13, 2012

Like the beginning !

So our state had a bad storm come thru, "state of emergency"! No problem we were prepared from the beginning of this venture. I wired our large generator into the fusebox , so we could power up everything but the air conditioner. We were out of power for 12 days from june 30th to july 11th. They go by how many people are effected by the lines down , more people sooner it gets fixed. So we decided that we picked the perfect remote place , because we were the last to get fixed, yeehaa ! As far as catching the weasel , it has not come back but i caught a racoon and a cat in the trap. Sometimes it does'nt pay to be too curious.We still love hillbilly living , despite the power outage ! My next project is to build a leantoo for our firewood. Stay tuned , same bat time, same bat channel !