Thursday, June 20, 2013

Install complete !

Katie & i put the pool together today , by the way , don't try it alone, lol. It's gonna feel good these next couple of months. The nice thing about the rain we have been getting. The creek is up and my submersible pump is filling the pool. What a beautiful thing , it's saving us like $250 , to have a truck deliver the water.Check out the timber retaining wall

! Another project bits the dust....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mind as well jump ! Jump ! Go ahead and jump !

Since we expanded our flock the chickens are free ranging. The doe was right out the front door to greet me.  I have been working on leveling out the area for the new pool. I also spent several hours getting my " free delivery" to show up. Now i have to wait for it to dry up some before the installation. All its been doing is raining lately, but its great for the garden and the pasture!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Who needs brakes ?

So the only thing wrong with the dumptruck i bought was it needed a battery and the brakes didn't hold fluid. I looked at the master cylinder and it was wet so i figured the rubber was worn, so i ordered a rebuild kit. Then i noticed the rear cylinders were leaking too, i figured no problem , i'll rebuild them too. Well after diagnosing the cylinders , i saw the problem. When i bought the truck the guy said they had dual wheels on the back at one time, i guess so they could carry more weight. He tells me that they fell off and they didn't put them back on. What he forgot to tell me was the drums rode on the wheel cylinders and wore a groove in them. So those i have to replace, i still got a great deal. Oh yeh and the last pic is of the area i'm leveling for the now swimming pool the wife has wanted. You know what they say " If the wife isn't happy, nobody's happy" love ya baby !