Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Curtains and the Great Flood !

Katie has been making the curtains for the kitchen and bathroom. I never was much of a seemstress ! I hung the rods and i'm working on the seams in the floor where the trailers meet. I use to do bodywork and came up with the idea of using body putty to smooth out the seams after grinding them down. They will be painted black like the metal areas of the trailer floor. We also had a nasty storm come thru our area and it flooded the pasture. In the future i am going to have to widen the creek even more. We have to large hillsides on either side and the whole hollow funneling down our stream. Good thing we built up on high ground , cause the house is way out of harms way. Things you must consider when building !

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kitchen sink is up and running !

So i finished the waste pipe and water lines to the kitchen sink. I mounted the sink to the countertop and siliconed . I also finished painting Katie's cookbook shelve , then we carried it up and placed it. I mounted a shelf for the tv in the bathroom above the tub, which is cool. Next thing on the priority list is the bathroom door. It was'nt important when it was just Katie and i , but now we have friends and neighbors coming to visit quite often ! Friday we got a couple inches of snow so we decided to take out our new sled . We hooked a rope to the hitch on the 4-wheeler and to the sled and took turns going down the pasture. I'm glad we took advantage of it because by afternoon it all melted !I wanted to get some pics of Katie after she took mine but the battery died and i never got to take them. She looked so cute in her matching nannook hat i got her for christmas ! It looks like mine only its white . If we get another snow , i will get that pic.Check out the picture of the pipes under the sink. If you notice the trap is clear , its a new kind of trap thats out. It's made by a "green" company and how it works is theres a knob on the outside and a rubber wheel inside. So when it gets restricted or clogged by debris , you just turn the knob and it clears the trap without having to remove it. Katie gets credit for noticing it at our favorite plumbing supplier " Cresent & Spraque".

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Who dat under the sink ?

Well the next priority is the kitchen sink. Yesterday i screwed down the cabinets , set the countertop , just where the sink is going and tiled around it. Today i grouted the tile and set the sink. Someone my size does'nt belong under the sink , Katie almost needed a shoe horn to get me out. Next is to run the waste pipes and water lines , sweet i get to play with the pex again ! So this is the last of the plumbing ! Everything is plumbed but the " kitchen sink " lol !!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Countertops arrived !

Today the " Top Shop " delivered our countertops. They carried them in and set them ontop of the cabinets. They looked great till i noticed the opening for the sink was not centered, opp's. It's only off by about and 1"1/2 but it's noticable, so there gonna make us another one and will be here in a week. I think the color fits great with the earthy colors we chose for the walls. Where you see paint missing on the walls, is getting tiled !

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Runnin' good !

The last few days i have been working on our creek. The temp has been 40-50 and sunny and hard for me to work indoors. See, our creek is like 750 yards long and in need of clean out. The property was used for raising cattle and growing hay before we bought. Nobody worried about how the creek flowed. In the past we had alot of rain and the creek overflow which made our pastures very wet.We now make hay and have plans to raise chickens and pigs, so we need it dry. Some old trees trunks and erowding dirt have filled in the creek in places and restricted the flow. So with the backhoe , chain and a chainsaw , i cleaned it up. In the pictures you will notice there was a sharp turn that i straightened out and filled the turn with tree trunks. This will be our fill area for the moment, till its full.The creek runs much faster and i can't wait till the next heavy rainfall to see how i did !