Thursday, December 29, 2011

Floor & Vanity !

The last few days i've been working on sanding the floof in the bathroom. We decided to paint the metal part gloss black and poly-urahane the wood. I also started installing the vanity , cutting holes for the plumbing. I had to do half the floor so i could still get in from one side to take a shower. Before & after pics of floor.

Monday, December 19, 2011

More tile and a light !

Today i tiled around the shower , tomorrow i grout. I also installed the overhead light in the bathroom, now that i painted the ceiling. It's been raining here alot and because of the excavating around the house and lack of driveway stone, it's muddy ! Some pics of the situation.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cabinets ....

Well Katie's been enjoying her tub , me too ! That's my first tub install and i am pleased with how it turned out. It helps when your best friend installs bathrooms for a living ! Thanks Tim , its nice to know your only a phone call away. Katie has been busy putting our kitchen cabinets together. Then we plan to hire a local cabinet maker to make the countertops for us. So the kitchen is next. I still have to finish the tile around the shower and install the vanity and lights in the bathroom.It was a good idea to run all the plumbing at one end of the house. Reason being is there's only one waste trunk and the hot water comes quick because it has a short distance to travel. We are enjoying the tankless water heater , its hot and cheap and on-demand !The pic of the pipes is the tub drain and trap.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tub news !

Katie and i set the tub yesterday , i had to wait for the cement to set before i could do anymore. Today i installed the spout , handles and chalked where the tub meets the tile. Then i painted the ceiling and got one coat on the walls. We picked out a grey which seems to go good with the tile. Only thing left is to hook in the drain , which i was going to do but i thought i had some 1 1/2 pvc but i only had 2". We will get it tomorrow and the tub will be ready for use.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting closer to a bath !

Katie and i have been working on the tile surrounding the bathtub. We finished the grouting today, i should be able to set the basin tommorow. Also the other day i ran wiring for flood lights out front , to see at night , lol. We also found a problem with the wiring in the bathroom , Katie figured it out , my little electrican ! You will love the pic of Katie trying the tub out !

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tile & Pex

Today i worked on the tile on the walls surrounding the tub. I ran out of mortor , so i had to switch gears. I decided to get the tub spicket and knobs in. Running the water lines with the pex took no time at all. Most of the other fittings i have used all screwed in, not the tub fixture. I had to sweat two fittings on , hope i remember how to solder ? I was able to plug the spout so i could check for leaks when i was done. None  ! I guess i still got it ! But let me tell ya , if you get a chance , do some pex ! I want so bad to get the tub done for Katie , i know she will love it !

Friday, December 2, 2011

Blub , blub, blub in the tub, tub, tub !

Here are the pictures i promised of the tub frame. I started the tile today too. Katie put 4 kitchen cabinets together too. I'll have pics of them tomorrow !

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Got my buck !

Well i was working on the bathtub today. I got the platform and the sheetrock installed , then i went to get a beer and...... there he was ! I looked out the window and there was a nice 8 point buck. It was about a 100 yard shot , bang , right in the heart. I was gonna get pictures of the tub but after going to get him checked in and over to the processer , i did'nt have the time. Since it's my first buck , i'm getting a head mount ! Katie said it was ok as long as it goes in my man cave and not upstairs. I'm fine with that . I did get pictures of him ! Enjoy....