Saturday, August 27, 2011

Meter change !

I took some time out of the day to finish the meter. I know , i already put the meter in , wrong. We decided to install our meter near the house , the one out by the road is going to be the neighbors. So now the gas is in the house , well the pipe is. The girls went out today and picked up the parts i needed to finish, thanks. Jayden rode is swing that Orvil & Marilyn gave him , thank you !

Irene brought us a pleasant package !

Our son,daughter & grandson live in N.C. ,so because of the storm they came to visit. Jen , Jayden & the dogs came to us yesterday to get away from the storm , unfortunitly the military made Chris stay. We are so happy to see them. I think Jayden knew Poppy needed help with the gasline , so he told Mommy to load the truck. As you will see in the pictures , he ran the backhoe for Poppy ! We got the drip tank in & the line is to the house & ready to take it in. I'm also getting a well needed break , to visit with my family. Hopefully Chris will be ok & their new house will be too! We are far enough inland that we have sunny skies here ! Thanks god, for bringing our family to us safe !

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy month of September !

It's all coming together this month . I ran the gasline to the house side of the creek. Then i hooked up the "Drip tank" to blow out any water that gets in the line. My neighbor built the tank for me and asked for nothing. Then Orvil welded the bolts to anchor the sill plate to the the roof . We will anchor the trusses to them , for the gable roof. Also i have been hanging drywall, trying to get as much done before winter. Now if we could just sell our farmhouse in Harleysville, hint, hint...Please pass it around, priced to sell !Here's some pics for ya...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Closing up !

Yesterday i finished the spray foam and installed our gas meter . Today i started the drywall in our bedroom and installed the basement door. Then while it was dry i worked on the pond walls. If you notice the fiberglass insulation , we are filling the rest or the stud pocket to save some money ! With the spray foam against the metal we don't have to worry about condensation or mold behind the walls.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

State Road Closed !

Yesterday i closed the road to dig a trench across to run our gasline. The crickets and frogs were hollaring , lol ! Then today i spray foam insulated , boy was that a messy job. I got about 3/4 of the house done , then tommorrow i will finish. Then i had some fun and ripped out a stump out of the stream. I'm cleaning the stream up so it runs better for when we get more rain.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Change of plans !

We were going to start the insulating today but the new pond came first ! Bert did a nice job digging it but the berm needed to be packed. Orval & I drove our tractors over it to pack it down, he stayed all day to help me.It looks really nice but i could'nt have done it without him. We are so blessed to have Orval and Marlyn as neighbors. See , Orval is a my friend , my father figure and a  amazing man. At age 81 he is a world of knowledge and i listen and i am taking notes. At 6:00 pm we quit and i was sore & tired , he went home & did some weedwacking , i took a shower and sat down. What an amazing man. Thanks for all your help , we love you guys ! This blog is deticated to Orval & Marlyn  & the pond we built !

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Big Hole !

So our neighbor's are getting their foundation put in . This morning a nice size track hoe shows up at their property. Katie gets this great idea , she says "why don't we see if he wants some extra work while he's here". We have  a great swamp area we have been wanting to put a pond in at. I went down and asked him if he wanted to dig a pond for us. He said "let me see how long the foundation will take". He came by around 2:30 and by 6:30 we had a pond and the price was right. We can't wait to watch it fill. I did alot of running today , that's all folks !