Friday, November 16, 2012

Everything came at once !

I'm sorry i haven't wrote in a while , been really busy ! I had to get hay to feed the cows this winter. I hauled 20 round bales for 2 days. My neighbor and i built a hay spear for my tractor which took a day. Then i realized i had company on Thanksgiving and i need to work on the fourwheelers. My buddy and i put an axle  in the polaris. Now i'm working on the susuki 250 , i had to replace both front cv joint boots. I got schooled the other day by my mentor Gary , on the cows. They had the runs so i had to stop feeding them the protein tub. I also had to start feeding the steer grain so he can put on weight. Now the cow is pregnant and due in Jan.- Feb. and i am not suppose to grain her. The reason is because the calf will grow to large and make delivery harder on her. So try to feed one but not the other, good luck. I'm in the pasture and i feel like part parent , part referee ! It was intimidating at first standing between to cows , one 650lbs , the other 1200lbs ! I learned from Gary that they won't hurt you and they scent your fear. Now i'm learning how to train them , it's all done with grain. They will follow you anywhere for it and let me pet them. The cow we now call "Mamma Drama", it think was abused. She was really skitzy at first and wouldn't let me touch her or get close. Now i can pet her and when she try's to get the steer's food , i get in between them so she can't. It's all new to me and i am enjoying the challenge. In between i have split another cord and a half of firewood and cleaned up my workshop, which is also a container!!!  Happy  Thanksgiving !