Friday, February 25, 2011

They fianally did it !

We have been looking for awhile for a stationary backup generator. So when it a cloudy day and we aren't making enough energy from the solar panels, the generator will charge the batteries. I know when looking for a really good , quite generator , your looking for a "Generac"! So i called and told them our cituation and they said none of their backup generators were made to run for long periods of time. They also said "we void the 3 year warrenty as soon as they know your using alternet power source". Because the larger ones are made to run a whole house with everything running at the same time for 2 hours , while the powers out. Not for hours at a time to charge low batteries when the suns not shining ! Were thinking , ' Oh Great , this is going to be a task, just to live comfortably, no warrenty !" UNTIL....GENERAC COMES THRU , JUST IN TIME ! They came out with the first generator to run at lower rpm , which allows the motor to run longer. See , the lower the rpm , the slower the motor runs, the less wear on it. The big ones are screaming to produce all that power for an hour. Here they honor the 3 year warrenty because its made to do just that. Run slower , longer and charge your battieries till there full. YAHOO!!! If your thinking of going solar and wind power , this generator is exactly what you need. Its made to connect right to an inverter to change from dc to ac ! I found a link i'm going to try to post. Give me a a shout if any of what were doing interest you !