Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday we started the tin !

All our friends that helped with the trusses came down to help us with the tin. Before we could put the tin on we had to screw the runners on. We love the way it looks. We plan to paint the outside of the containers next spring , a dark green ! I included a picture of the stove hood i mounted last week. I'm a bit hung over from Sunday nite , i did'nt do much today.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Odds & Ends ...

It's been raining , so weve been working inside. I drywalled most of the laundry room , Katie did the spacking. We hung the range hood for the kitchen stove. I ran the intake & exhaust pipes for the tankless hot water system. Katie & I ran the gas lines to the clothes dryer , cooking stove and furnace. We also spread wood chips on the ground around because its so muddy.Katie ran the loader for the first time scooping up the chips , i know she was having fun by the smile on her face. We got the chips from Asplund , who cleared the trees for the electric co. to run the poles . You don't miss something important till its gone.I also cut the holes in the floor for the vents for the heat.By doing that we saved a day labor from the heating company. Which is Grogg's out of Parkersburg , Tom, Gregg and the two installers , Mike & Dustin . Thanks guys your doing an awesome job for us !!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More pictures !

Thank god for our new friends !

I asked my friend Brad if he could help me with the trusses. Sunday morning 3 pick-ups pull up and six of our other friends rolled out. At 8:00pm with Katie's pulled pork sandwiches and cold beer , there up. Thanks guys  your the best ( Brad, Butch, Randy , Bub, Ryan and Nathan . Also today i put up the range hood  , pictures tommorrow. Drywalling laundry room.Oh yeh and the guys are installing the furnace, yeh ! We have been bouncing off the walls and loving watching it grow!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The roof trusses are here !

I got a call from Mike at 8:30am , he said i'm outside of town and i have your trusses. I asked him what size truck he was bringing them on. He says an 86 ft trailer , all i thought was he never gonna get them to us. Our road is rough and curvy, our containers were 40 ft , but 86 ? What a great driver and a all around nice guy. He got them right to the house. Now its time for a roof raising party ! I also mounted the tankless water heater and drywalled the kitchen ceiling. My battery in my phone that i take my pictures with is on the blink, thats why its hard for me to post. Sorry and i'll do my best to keep you posted. Please send any comments , i like to hear from you !

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Electric conduit is in !

So i dug the trench 150ft long and 30" deep , from the last pole to the house. We will have 3 poles across our property and one one the house side of the stream , then it goes underground to the house. It had to be 3' schedule 40 underground 80 above with a sweep at each end and a pull cord. I also dug my neighbor's basement pipe trench for him , all in a day. Today , i took off and we got invited to a party at Orvil & Marilyn's , boy was it fun. They knew i needed a break and always think of us, thank you so much , love you guys. P.S as always the food was great too !

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sorry i forgot the pictures.

Been too busy to post !

Well let's see, Jen & Jayden got home safe , but gave Katie a cold. Me, i have been busy. The master bedroom, spare bedroom and half of the bathroom is sheetrocked & insulated. Katie found a nice bathtub she liked , we picked it up. We also bought the conduit for the underground electric from the pole to the house. I will be digging the trench tomorrow for the electric because they should be coming soon.We ordered the sheet metal for the roof , its like a maroon color.Dan at Lowe' in Marietta, Ohio has taken really good care of us. Thanks Dan , your the man !