Saturday, September 24, 2011

Odds & Ends ...

It's been raining , so weve been working inside. I drywalled most of the laundry room , Katie did the spacking. We hung the range hood for the kitchen stove. I ran the intake & exhaust pipes for the tankless hot water system. Katie & I ran the gas lines to the clothes dryer , cooking stove and furnace. We also spread wood chips on the ground around because its so muddy.Katie ran the loader for the first time scooping up the chips , i know she was having fun by the smile on her face. We got the chips from Asplund , who cleared the trees for the electric co. to run the poles . You don't miss something important till its gone.I also cut the holes in the floor for the vents for the heat.By doing that we saved a day labor from the heating company. Which is Grogg's out of Parkersburg , Tom, Gregg and the two installers , Mike & Dustin . Thanks guys your doing an awesome job for us !!!

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