Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last 2 windows !

Sorry it took me so long to write, some days i'm just beat ! Last few days , we picked up 120 - 2x4's , i started installing the ceiling joists. We also got the last 2 windows set. I visited the "Hillbilly Hilton" at the end of today. The first full day of sun for a long while here. What's with all the rain , anyway ?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Framing and mechanics days !

Yesterday i framed in the laundry room and part of the kitchen. This morning my neighbor asked me to help him remove his well pump, which i gladly did. Then when i got back instead of framing ,. i decide to take a break. I have wanted since last year to put a new starter in our suzuki 4 wheeler. I already bought it , i just had to take out the time to fix it. I need to put rear brakes on it too, but who uses brakes anyway, lol. Katie tells me i need to learn to walk away from the house work now and then. She always knows what right for me and i always listen ,lol. Katie has cooked some awesome meals and kept things tidy, while i'm working. I could'nt do this without her, she's always there for me , thanks baby !

Monday, June 20, 2011

Framing !

We picked up 150 - 2 x 3's to start framing the inner walls. I decided on 2 x 3 's cause we save 1" on the wall thickness and because they are not load bearing, there not used for strength. We got a great deal on a range hood for Katie at Lowe's , half price ! It's a nice one , the kind she deserves . We don't really need it yet , just the dimensions for the exhaust ducting , but at that price will take it.But the framing is working out as a expected , just a long process. So i'm trying to mix it up alittle with the other things we do , too.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Slowly back to work ...

I chalked the last 2 windows installed due to the rain thats coming. I knew i better get that colvert pipe in too. Around here things have to be done in order of priority. I had to change the oil in the generators. Also the solar panels don't seem to be charging the batteries quickly enough , so i re-wired from series to parallel , to gain more amperage. When the sun shines again . i will let you know how it worked. The rain is really making the garden grow!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trouble in the hollow !

On a sad note, my father passed away last sunday. Katie and i went back to Pa. to lay my dad to rest. So no work was done this past week. My heads still in the air but i'm slowly getting things done. My neighbor came down and brush hogged the other side of the creek for hay. When he was done he was kind enough to drag a colvet pipe from one end of our property to the other. I need to put it under the driveway so it stops the erosion and it was to heavy for my loader.Then they invited us up for dinner with his family , burgers , steaks and all the sides. Just what we needed to break the mood of the week. I also did some more framing and we are going to the lumber yard tomorrow to stock up. While we were gone, we had rain and the garden is doing great. My father never got to see the place , which upsets me . I know he would be proud and now has a great view from above ! R.I.P.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Feelin' Hot, Hot , Hot !

So we have put a couple more windows in. I learned today that the end walls are 1" thicker then the sides. The place is starting to look like a home inside now that we can look out. Katie has really adapted to this pioneer living. After being down here in the hollow for a month , I took Katie 45 mins away to dinner at a nice authentic Mexican restaurant tonight. Oh yeh I forgot something , we installed a pool in our spare time, we call it the " Hillbilly Hilton" . Check out the pictures ...