Sunday, January 29, 2012

Risers, wood and shelves !

Here are pics i promised. The risers on the steps, shelves under steps, Katie's cookbook shelves, new shocks on the jeep and firewood ! The truck was full but we burnt half of it , its been damp and cold.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Clean up & shelves !

I hav'nt wrote for a while cause we have been cleaning and straighting up. Something we have needed to do for awhile now. I built Katie shelves for her cookbooks in the kitchen , we have to paint yet. I also installed the risers on the basement steps . I'm putting shelves under them cause the space is no good for anything else. The risers will keep dirt from falling on the shelves. I need to build some shelf space in the basement to get some organization of our stuff. I have no pics today but i will have some tomorrow ! The other day it was almost sixty degrees so i put new shocks on the jeep cause it needed them.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The bridge that was built in a day ...

So i was in the mood to labor , so i built a bridge. Since i did the demo on the cabin , i wanted to use the material for a bridge or two ,down the stream. It turned out to be 17x5 , i used 3 trunk supports under it.Its a walking bridge but we could take the 4 wheelers over it, i would rather go thru the stream , lol !

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waterfall !

Our neighbor and his grandson , who lives a few miles from us , stopped by on us. They come down our way alot after a good rain to see the waterfall down the road. Well its been raining steady since yesterday, so i thought i would go see what all the hoopla was all about. I got on my 4 wheeler, with camera to check it out. Wow , now i have a new favorite place when it rains and its not in the house !

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rain to snow !

We had a storm come through Thursday nite. It rained like *ell , then it got real cold ,then it snowed like ^ell ! After it was over i got the pics of the cabin demo. Katie and i have been hanging cabinets in the kitchen , the countertops should be here in a couple of weeks, so we want to be ready ! Trixie is hunting a chipmunk in the first pic.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shelves & Lights

Yesterday i built some shelves to start organizing my tools. The other pic of the basement shows how much brighter the new lights are. The pic of the pipes are under the vanity in the bathroom , take notice where the drain pipe is. I like to offset it instead of in the middle because it gives you an open side to store more things. It was raining too heavy to take pics of the cabin demo, maybe tomorrow !

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lights , cabin ,trench !

I hung 4 florecents lights in the basement , switch and  Katie ran outlets. Then the next day i did demolition on the falling down cabin . I have plans for the logs it was built from, I'm thinkin bridge . Then yesterday i dug a 187 ft. trench for a buddies water line , that was a full days work. So today i finished around the kitch window thats over the sink. I want to mount the cabinets which the double sink will be in. Then the last of the plumbing will be complete ! Katie and i have been collecting rocks from the creek to put in our driveway, its been muddy ! Stone here is costly and the last thing we need to spend money on is stone ! The truck and jeep are worthy of the challenge and wear it well ! Sorry, no pics till tommorrow....

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The bathroom and the first snow !

I finished the plumbing on the vanity, hung the mirror and wired up the lights. So besides some touch up painting and trim around the window , the bathroom is done ! We also had our first snow. While Katie was enjoying a bath , i walked the dogs and took some pics. I never realized how much more detail there is up in the woods after it snows. You can see the incline of the hills , the fallen down trees and the crests. Its breathtaking ! Hope you enjoy the pics as much as i did taking them !