Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What a day !!!

Finally today the calf was born. I was working on cleaning up the old barn , far from where the cows were. So i have been watching Momma closely because she was getting close. So i look over and she has something long and red hanging out of her hind end. I ran up and here the calf was in the ditch on the other side of the fence from Momma, she was not happy. I reacted quickly and picked the calf up and carried it to the barn. Momma followed and i helped the calf onto her teat , then he got the milk he needed. So it's a boy! Then my hole day changed when i turned around and only two of my three dogs were there. Little trixie ran somewhere, so i got on the 4 wheeler and shearched all evening for her. I couldn't find her , i was heartbroken. Because it's so vast around here , that if she chased something , she may never find her way back. So after hours of shearching , i gave up at dusk. I went up to the barn to see if Momma pasted the afterbirth and she did. On my way back to the house , here comes Trixie running down the mountain, thank god ! What a day , but it ended fantasticly ! It was brought to my attention that i forgot to tell you his name. It's "Stormy" because while i was helping him get on Momma's teat in the barn , it was raining , lightning and thundering the whole time. I have heard that alot of birth's are in the worst weather!Thanks Mom for bringing this to my attention!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Yum ,Yum & Spring !

So in the last few days i have tried two new foods that grow wild here in West Virginia. One is "Morel mushrooms" the other "Ramps" ! The mushrooms we picked ourselves , breaded and fried them, boy where they good ! The ramps i ate at a " Ramp feast benefit dinner" , their like onions that taste like garlic, yummy! While i was shroom hunting i took some pictures of spring !

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hunting without a weapon ?

My buddy Gary has been telling me about going hunting without a gun. Yeh ok, so i went to his house yesterday to find out what he was talking about. So we start heading to the woods with two empty bread bags. I know the suspense is killing you, so , we went Morel mushroom hunting ! Man is it fun ! Between both of us we found about 30 of them. We are going to eat them tonight and i'll let you know how they were. He says they are as good as Portabella's , can't wait. Momma is really getting close to calfing , she's a late bloomer!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Addition complete

The last few days i worked on the addition to the barn . I can say " i'm ready for anything", until now if i needed to restrain momma for birth , i was s.o.l. ! Now not only do i have a headgate but the room inside to side step her if she resists. It cost me almost as much for the tin at Lowe's as it did for all the lumber from the local sawmill !!! Thanks Arnie , your asset to the community ! I still almost have enough lumber to extend the barn another 12ft. !