Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back at it again !

Hi again everyone and i am sorry i have not posted in awhile. We were not prepared to spend the winter , so no work was done for me to talk about. We did just get back from our two week stay thru all the rain. Our next big project was to remove some interior walls and start our floor plan layout. The one way to cut these walls is with a grinding wheel ( hard to control & hard on you too! ) another way is to use a cutting torch ( very smokey and alot of sparks and slag !) I opted to use a "Plasma cutter" ( clean cut , low smoke & sparks ,also very fast !) Well i never anticipated how much juice you need to run it . It also needs a compressor with a constant 70lbs to operate the cutter. The air pressure blows the hot steel out of the way , like a cutting torch . I have a 7000 watt generator , which i thought would run both , wrong ! So i had to rent another generator , one to run the cutter , one to run the compressor . Remember were off the grid ! Let me tell ya, i have never used such an awesome tool. Within 2 days , i myself removed all the walls needed , Katie did help pull the pieces out with the atv and winch.It cut a line about 1/16 thick and clean enough there's hardly any grinding. I also spent  two days moving 44 ton of stone we got delivered for our driveway so we could get in and out. Oh yeh and so that direct tv could get in to hook up the dish, so my high maintance wife had tv, lol ! This is quite a venture, living off the grid , building a container home , but as long as we are together , we will always be home.