Sunday, September 30, 2012

The farm's a growing !

When we started our venture we wanted to have a farm. We want to be self sufficent , we have a garden, chickens, fish and venison. The next is beef and pigs. So i started fencing in one of our pastures , next is to build another lean-to. Our one neighbor's heffer had a calf and disowned it, so he had to bottle feed it. Our other neighbor lost a calf at birth , so he borrowed it to nurse off his heffer so she would give milk. So it worked out for both of them and eventully me.Because i got the offer to buy him and his name is "Bucky". In the first picture you will see the landing where the lean-to is going. Tomorrow i string the barb wire and in a few weeks he is bringing him over. We need to get him use to us since he's an orphen and has had two other dad's. We went to see him the other day and my camera battery went low or i would have pics of him.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bin busy !

I've been real busy on the firewood bin. I bought the lumber to frame it out , but all the rest was free or donated. I used large oak timbers for the base, oak boards from the barn and pieces of tin for the roof. My neighbor Butch gave me alot of the oak boards. Also i came up 1 piece short of 5-v tin for the roof, that he had laying around. So thanks to you buddy, i have a dry place for my firewood ! I think half of it may be to store other things or just to sit down an rest a spell.I would like to dedicate this post to my friend Jared , who passed away last week. Because ever since i been working on this project , i can't stop thinking about him. Rest in peace brother,you will always be in our prayers and you will be missed bigtime !

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Smile, your on candid camera !

These are shots from my new trail cam . This is the landing i made the road to and brushogged on top of the mountain . Waiting to see a nice buck !

Friday, September 14, 2012

Raising the roof !

Yesterday i got most of the roof joist in on the firewood bin and today i finished them.I made a foot overhang in the front so the rain isn't dripping on my head while i'm getting wood. I have to see if i have enough aluminum roof left from the old cabin , if not i'll shingle it. I also set my trail cam up on the hill to see what's coming thru up there.Tomorrow it's off to the bow shop to get my new bow tuned-up !

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Got wood ?

So the other day i went into town to pick up supplies. I came out of the store and noticed i was leaking gas near the back of the jeep. I found the leak, it was the rubber fuel line and it was to close to the frame to cut it back and reclamp. So i had to drop the tank , since a did i replaced all three hoses. It's now fixed and up and running. Then my neighbor with the sawmill never called me to pick up the wood. So that means he is busy with a bigger job, so i went to the hardware store and got some.I nailed in the studs then i was going to put up the back roof joist but it was shorter then i thought. I will get that tomorrow. So to finish my day i made another bench out by the pond. Then i fed the fish & the deer like every other night around 5:00 pm !

Friday, September 7, 2012

Kabocha !

Remember my post about the seeds my neighbor gave me to plant ? We have been looking all over to find out what it's called. It's "Kabocha" , japanese squash. It's a winter squash and is suppose to be sweeter then butternut squash. We roasted some a month ago before we knew about it , it was bland and not ripe yet. But after researching the squash it won't be ready to eat for months yet. You can make soup , pies, boil it , roast it and it is really sweet they say. Go to wikipedia and search for it, good info. there. You may want to include these in your garden next year ! Also i installed some pull out shelves in the kitchen cabinets for Katie. I finished the trim around the second kitchen window , then the curtain rod. Katie just has to hem them and we can hang them. We also jared 15 quarts of tomatoes and 6 quarts of hungarin hot peppers. We are starting to get a nice stock of veggies !

No florist , no worries !

So i was out brushogging the pasture today and i took notice to all the wild flowers that are in bloom. I took advantage of the cituation , since we have no florist nearby and picked some. In Pa. i use to go to the florist and get Katie flowers quite often. Here in West Virginia they bring the florist to me, sweet and you can't beat the gas mileage ! Also i have been waiting for a neighbor that has a sawmill to cut me some wood for the roof on the firewood bin. Meanwhile i started stacking it in there.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dining area !

Yesterday Katie & i painted the walls & ceiling in the dining room. Thru the whole house we used earth tone colors that we both really enjoy. The large red wall is going to be a place for an array of our photos. Katie has great design talent and she wants to paint all the frames black , so they stand out. The wall across from it is a peach color that will extend into the living room, soothing! The wall next to the dining room table is a light brown, same color in the kitchen. I am finishing mounting the two lights at each end of the table, overhead.A couple of days ago i tested out the road i cut up the mountain. I took the loader up with the brushog on it , went up with no problem. So i cut down the high grass on the landing , it looks much better. I will take some pictures in the next couple of days to show you.Hope you all like the new face i put on the blog .I took some time to change the look , i think it looks more appealing. Please if you have any comments or suggestions , we would love to hear from you ! We are really pleased with the way our home is turning out and don't regret this building technique ! If any of you decide to go this route , give me a shout and i will answer any questions you have.Thanks for watching !!!