Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Got wood ?

So the other day i went into town to pick up supplies. I came out of the store and noticed i was leaking gas near the back of the jeep. I found the leak, it was the rubber fuel line and it was to close to the frame to cut it back and reclamp. So i had to drop the tank , since a did i replaced all three hoses. It's now fixed and up and running. Then my neighbor with the sawmill never called me to pick up the wood. So that means he is busy with a bigger job, so i went to the hardware store and got some.I nailed in the studs then i was going to put up the back roof joist but it was shorter then i thought. I will get that tomorrow. So to finish my day i made another bench out by the pond. Then i fed the fish & the deer like every other night around 5:00 pm !

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