Monday, September 3, 2012

Dining area !

Yesterday Katie & i painted the walls & ceiling in the dining room. Thru the whole house we used earth tone colors that we both really enjoy. The large red wall is going to be a place for an array of our photos. Katie has great design talent and she wants to paint all the frames black , so they stand out. The wall across from it is a peach color that will extend into the living room, soothing! The wall next to the dining room table is a light brown, same color in the kitchen. I am finishing mounting the two lights at each end of the table, overhead.A couple of days ago i tested out the road i cut up the mountain. I took the loader up with the brushog on it , went up with no problem. So i cut down the high grass on the landing , it looks much better. I will take some pictures in the next couple of days to show you.Hope you all like the new face i put on the blog .I took some time to change the look , i think it looks more appealing. Please if you have any comments or suggestions , we would love to hear from you ! We are really pleased with the way our home is turning out and don't regret this building technique ! If any of you decide to go this route , give me a shout and i will answer any questions you have.Thanks for watching !!!

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