Friday, September 7, 2012

Kabocha !

Remember my post about the seeds my neighbor gave me to plant ? We have been looking all over to find out what it's called. It's "Kabocha" , japanese squash. It's a winter squash and is suppose to be sweeter then butternut squash. We roasted some a month ago before we knew about it , it was bland and not ripe yet. But after researching the squash it won't be ready to eat for months yet. You can make soup , pies, boil it , roast it and it is really sweet they say. Go to wikipedia and search for it, good info. there. You may want to include these in your garden next year ! Also i installed some pull out shelves in the kitchen cabinets for Katie. I finished the trim around the second kitchen window , then the curtain rod. Katie just has to hem them and we can hang them. We also jared 15 quarts of tomatoes and 6 quarts of hungarin hot peppers. We are starting to get a nice stock of veggies !

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