Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Redneck recycling !

It's time to visit the recycling yard again. We have cans, metal and oil pipe we want to get rid of and clean up. Some people have can crushers, some stomp on them, this is how us rednecks do it. Katie and i finished sanding and painting the dining room. We expected to have all the mudding and painting done by now but there is so many other things that need to be done too ! I also reached the top of the mountain on the loader, the road is done , next is to brush hog up there. It's really cool to be able to go up top without walking it and now we have more space to utilize!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy trails !

The last few days i have been working on cutting a trail up the mountain. We have nice landing on top of the mountain we own , we just never had an easy way to get up there. The reason is because it's too steep to go straight up it. What i did was cut a road sideways into the hillside so it had a lesser pitch. I used my J.D. loader , which did a fine job . I want to be able to get the loader and 4 wheelers up there to get firewood easier. Also years ago there use to be an apple orchard up there , so we can get to the trees too. The deer love to hang out up there , so you know where my favorite hunting spot is ! I also changed the face of the blog, how do you like it ? I added a new poll on the right side at the top of the page , i would love your input , thanks!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beans, topless and under the lights

We just picked and canned more string beans. The plants still have flowers on them and the beans are huge! All week i went topless and doorless since the weather was so nice ! There's nothing like cruising down a country road with your honey and the wind thru your hair ! Katie painted and i hung our stainglass lamps over the bookcase and coffee station. We are almost done painting the dining area then we have to paint the living room and laundry room , then were mostly done the inside. Well upstairs, then downstairs will begin.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Deck the firewood shed !

My neighbor has some old oak boards he didn't want , so i went down and got some. I was able to put a floor in the firewood shed. I used my nail gun cause it beats nailing thru oak , you bend more nails then you get nailed ! Next will be the roof , then i might tarp the sides for now. I have splitting to do or there will be nothing to put in it .

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I found it !!!

check this out

Now this is cool , yet unexpected !

Had to share this with you all. So the other day i was cutting down some tree limbs. Next thing i hear what sounds like a loud mower running over the hillside. So i figured sound was just traveling from a far like i have learned from a previous experience. Next day my neighbor stops by to visit , now he lives about 3 miles away. I asked him , Gary do you know what that noise was i was hearing. He says , yesterday the county was trimming the sides of the road near his house. I was like, this sound was louder then a couple of chainsaws. He's like they do it with a "helicopter", I'm like what? He told me the chopper has a long cable with like 7 large blades on the end and they fly down and cut the limbs right off. Then the ground crew comes in and cleans it up. I figured he was pulling my leg , but i thought wouldn't that be the coolest thing ever ! Years ago in Pa. i saw a train with a huge blade going down the tracks , cutting off everything in it's path. But a helicopter ! Next day i was splitting firewood , next thing i hear this loud noise , over the sound of the splitter. There it was , flying over our pasture, in all it's glory. It was a yellow & white chopper with a cable and several saw blades hanging from it, WOW ! I hope someday i get to see it in action ! Has anyone else seen this form of roadside trimming ? Naturally, i didn't have my camera with me , who would have thought out here in the middle of nowhere i would see that ! I hope they shut the road down when they do it , even though 1 car is alot of traffic around here.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Garden's gone wild !

I talked to my neighbor who gave us those seeds. He said their alot like pumkins, you can make soup , roast it or boil chunks and season. So in the first picture is a butternut squash next to the "El Salvador Pumkin". I also got the header up on the firewood bin, next is the floor and roof. We have been really busy jaring string beans, pickles , mushrooms and tomatoes. We are really lucky this year, the weather cooperated so much that we are eating it now and putting alot up for winter !

Saturday, August 4, 2012

El Salvador invades West Virginia !

So about 2 months ago my neighbor Armando came down to work on his property. He came over to see us and gave us some seeds from El Salvador. He said " Plant these in your garden but i don't know how well they will do in this climate". Famous last words, they have taken over the garden. He said they look like a pumkin but they are sweet like canalope. If they grew upwards the giant would have visited weeks ago. Armando better bring his truck next time cause will have plenty to send home with him ! Our whole garden is doing extremely well this year. We have canned 48 quarts of string beans and their still growing ! We also bought a dehydrater and we are drying pinapple, mango, bananas and peaches ! I have been busy framing out the lean-too for storing firewood. I found a perfect spot near the house to make carrying it easier. The spot was where my hammick was , i figured why not i never get the chance to lay in it anyway, lol ! Soon i am going to mount the sicklebar i got and see how it works...