Saturday, August 4, 2012

El Salvador invades West Virginia !

So about 2 months ago my neighbor Armando came down to work on his property. He came over to see us and gave us some seeds from El Salvador. He said " Plant these in your garden but i don't know how well they will do in this climate". Famous last words, they have taken over the garden. He said they look like a pumkin but they are sweet like canalope. If they grew upwards the giant would have visited weeks ago. Armando better bring his truck next time cause will have plenty to send home with him ! Our whole garden is doing extremely well this year. We have canned 48 quarts of string beans and their still growing ! We also bought a dehydrater and we are drying pinapple, mango, bananas and peaches ! I have been busy framing out the lean-too for storing firewood. I found a perfect spot near the house to make carrying it easier. The spot was where my hammick was , i figured why not i never get the chance to lay in it anyway, lol ! Soon i am going to mount the sicklebar i got and see how it works...

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