Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Now this is cool , yet unexpected !

Had to share this with you all. So the other day i was cutting down some tree limbs. Next thing i hear what sounds like a loud mower running over the hillside. So i figured sound was just traveling from a far like i have learned from a previous experience. Next day my neighbor stops by to visit , now he lives about 3 miles away. I asked him , Gary do you know what that noise was i was hearing. He says , yesterday the county was trimming the sides of the road near his house. I was like, this sound was louder then a couple of chainsaws. He's like they do it with a "helicopter", I'm like what? He told me the chopper has a long cable with like 7 large blades on the end and they fly down and cut the limbs right off. Then the ground crew comes in and cleans it up. I figured he was pulling my leg , but i thought wouldn't that be the coolest thing ever ! Years ago in Pa. i saw a train with a huge blade going down the tracks , cutting off everything in it's path. But a helicopter ! Next day i was splitting firewood , next thing i hear this loud noise , over the sound of the splitter. There it was , flying over our pasture, in all it's glory. It was a yellow & white chopper with a cable and several saw blades hanging from it, WOW ! I hope someday i get to see it in action ! Has anyone else seen this form of roadside trimming ? Naturally, i didn't have my camera with me , who would have thought out here in the middle of nowhere i would see that ! I hope they shut the road down when they do it , even though 1 car is alot of traffic around here.

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