Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What a day !!!

Finally today the calf was born. I was working on cleaning up the old barn , far from where the cows were. So i have been watching Momma closely because she was getting close. So i look over and she has something long and red hanging out of her hind end. I ran up and here the calf was in the ditch on the other side of the fence from Momma, she was not happy. I reacted quickly and picked the calf up and carried it to the barn. Momma followed and i helped the calf onto her teat , then he got the milk he needed. So it's a boy! Then my hole day changed when i turned around and only two of my three dogs were there. Little trixie ran somewhere, so i got on the 4 wheeler and shearched all evening for her. I couldn't find her , i was heartbroken. Because it's so vast around here , that if she chased something , she may never find her way back. So after hours of shearching , i gave up at dusk. I went up to the barn to see if Momma pasted the afterbirth and she did. On my way back to the house , here comes Trixie running down the mountain, thank god ! What a day , but it ended fantasticly ! It was brought to my attention that i forgot to tell you his name. It's "Stormy" because while i was helping him get on Momma's teat in the barn , it was raining , lightning and thundering the whole time. I have heard that alot of birth's are in the worst weather!Thanks Mom for bringing this to my attention!!!

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