Monday, May 13, 2013

Stormy !

So i have been so busy with the farm . Mostly fencing since Stormy got out twice. When i strung the fence , i had too much distance between. I guess maybe i thought i was raising kangaroos not cattle! So i had to lower all the barb wire strands and close them in. Then the one day i attempted to moved them to my other field, they bolted. I opened the gate and had grain with me , i figured they would follow me, not !They walked like 3/4 of a mile up the hollow and i followed . Katie called my buddy Gary , he came down and we all worked together to get them home. Since this is," my first rodeo", i owe everything to Gary. Since i wanted to start raising cattle he stepped in and mentored me. Thanks buddy, your the best! Then thanks to my loving wife , she has helped me get the calf back in. Don't try farming by yourself, you need help, lots of help! My latest project is fencing in the lower end by the pond. Knowing the placement of the strains, sure makes me feel better!

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