Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lights , cabin ,trench !

I hung 4 florecents lights in the basement , switch and  Katie ran outlets. Then the next day i did demolition on the falling down cabin . I have plans for the logs it was built from, I'm thinkin bridge . Then yesterday i dug a 187 ft. trench for a buddies water line , that was a full days work. So today i finished around the kitch window thats over the sink. I want to mount the cabinets which the double sink will be in. Then the last of the plumbing will be complete ! Katie and i have been collecting rocks from the creek to put in our driveway, its been muddy ! Stone here is costly and the last thing we need to spend money on is stone ! The truck and jeep are worthy of the challenge and wear it well ! Sorry, no pics till tommorrow....

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