Thursday, June 23, 2011

Framing and mechanics days !

Yesterday i framed in the laundry room and part of the kitchen. This morning my neighbor asked me to help him remove his well pump, which i gladly did. Then when i got back instead of framing ,. i decide to take a break. I have wanted since last year to put a new starter in our suzuki 4 wheeler. I already bought it , i just had to take out the time to fix it. I need to put rear brakes on it too, but who uses brakes anyway, lol. Katie tells me i need to learn to walk away from the house work now and then. She always knows what right for me and i always listen ,lol. Katie has cooked some awesome meals and kept things tidy, while i'm working. I could'nt do this without her, she's always there for me , thanks baby !

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