Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene brought us a pleasant package !

Our son,daughter & grandson live in N.C. ,so because of the storm they came to visit. Jen , Jayden & the dogs came to us yesterday to get away from the storm , unfortunitly the military made Chris stay. We are so happy to see them. I think Jayden knew Poppy needed help with the gasline , so he told Mommy to load the truck. As you will see in the pictures , he ran the backhoe for Poppy ! We got the drip tank in & the line is to the house & ready to take it in. I'm also getting a well needed break , to visit with my family. Hopefully Chris will be ok & their new house will be too! We are far enough inland that we have sunny skies here ! Thanks god, for bringing our family to us safe !

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