Monday, August 8, 2011

Electric ,Foam, Heat & Gas !

We are almost done running all the outlets, switches and wire , because they will be running electric down to us in about 4 weeks. We also got our spray foam insulation kits delivered today.We will start insulating in a couple of days after the wiring is done. We also got an estimate today for a hot air furnace system . We changed our minds on the outdoor firebox, then i don't have to hump wood to stay warm, just for looks ! Now we are just waiting for our neighbor to send back the "right of way " permission to run across his property to ours. He already agreed verbally, we just need it in writing.I burnt the wood floor off the steel girters from the stair opening to take it to the scrap yard for cash. Our next step is to insulate & drywall our bedroom, so we can sleep upstairs, yeh !

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