Thursday, August 11, 2011

Change of plans !

We were going to start the insulating today but the new pond came first ! Bert did a nice job digging it but the berm needed to be packed. Orval & I drove our tractors over it to pack it down, he stayed all day to help me.It looks really nice but i could'nt have done it without him. We are so blessed to have Orval and Marlyn as neighbors. See , Orval is a my friend , my father figure and a  amazing man. At age 81 he is a world of knowledge and i listen and i am taking notes. At 6:00 pm we quit and i was sore & tired , he went home & did some weedwacking , i took a shower and sat down. What an amazing man. Thanks for all your help , we love you guys ! This blog is deticated to Orval & Marlyn  & the pond we built !

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