Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cabinets ....

Well Katie's been enjoying her tub , me too ! That's my first tub install and i am pleased with how it turned out. It helps when your best friend installs bathrooms for a living ! Thanks Tim , its nice to know your only a phone call away. Katie has been busy putting our kitchen cabinets together. Then we plan to hire a local cabinet maker to make the countertops for us. So the kitchen is next. I still have to finish the tile around the shower and install the vanity and lights in the bathroom.It was a good idea to run all the plumbing at one end of the house. Reason being is there's only one waste trunk and the hot water comes quick because it has a short distance to travel. We are enjoying the tankless water heater , its hot and cheap and on-demand !The pic of the pipes is the tub drain and trap.

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