Sunday, February 5, 2012

Runnin' good !

The last few days i have been working on our creek. The temp has been 40-50 and sunny and hard for me to work indoors. See, our creek is like 750 yards long and in need of clean out. The property was used for raising cattle and growing hay before we bought. Nobody worried about how the creek flowed. In the past we had alot of rain and the creek overflow which made our pastures very wet.We now make hay and have plans to raise chickens and pigs, so we need it dry. Some old trees trunks and erowding dirt have filled in the creek in places and restricted the flow. So with the backhoe , chain and a chainsaw , i cleaned it up. In the pictures you will notice there was a sharp turn that i straightened out and filled the turn with tree trunks. This will be our fill area for the moment, till its full.The creek runs much faster and i can't wait till the next heavy rainfall to see how i did !

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