Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kitchen sink is up and running !

So i finished the waste pipe and water lines to the kitchen sink. I mounted the sink to the countertop and siliconed . I also finished painting Katie's cookbook shelve , then we carried it up and placed it. I mounted a shelf for the tv in the bathroom above the tub, which is cool. Next thing on the priority list is the bathroom door. It was'nt important when it was just Katie and i , but now we have friends and neighbors coming to visit quite often ! Friday we got a couple inches of snow so we decided to take out our new sled . We hooked a rope to the hitch on the 4-wheeler and to the sled and took turns going down the pasture. I'm glad we took advantage of it because by afternoon it all melted !I wanted to get some pics of Katie after she took mine but the battery died and i never got to take them. She looked so cute in her matching nannook hat i got her for christmas ! It looks like mine only its white . If we get another snow , i will get that pic.Check out the picture of the pipes under the sink. If you notice the trap is clear , its a new kind of trap thats out. It's made by a "green" company and how it works is theres a knob on the outside and a rubber wheel inside. So when it gets restricted or clogged by debris , you just turn the knob and it clears the trap without having to remove it. Katie gets credit for noticing it at our favorite plumbing supplier " Cresent & Spraque".

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