Friday, July 13, 2012

Like the beginning !

So our state had a bad storm come thru, "state of emergency"! No problem we were prepared from the beginning of this venture. I wired our large generator into the fusebox , so we could power up everything but the air conditioner. We were out of power for 12 days from june 30th to july 11th. They go by how many people are effected by the lines down , more people sooner it gets fixed. So we decided that we picked the perfect remote place , because we were the last to get fixed, yeehaa ! As far as catching the weasel , it has not come back but i caught a racoon and a cat in the trap. Sometimes it does'nt pay to be too curious.We still love hillbilly living , despite the power outage ! My next project is to build a leantoo for our firewood. Stay tuned , same bat time, same bat channel !

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