Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The cow's are here !

I fenced in the one pasture , put in a gate and started the lean-to all last week. Last week i went to my first cattle auction, mostly to see the going rates. I already planned on buying a steer from my neighbor but he wanted to be fair and let me see what they were selling for. My friend and neighbor Gary is my mentor. He has been on a farm all his life and is teaching me the ropes, thanks buddy ! Today i filled out the paperwork for my Farmer's tax id number , then i will be an official farmer. I also bought a cow from another neighbor and she's pregnant and due in January or February. So i have a steer and a cow and one on the way ! How cool is that! I been busy running around getting feed and hay and meeting other farmer's. Around here we are all like a big happy family ! I have been working like a rented mule but i really enjoy it. Sometimes i get so involved that i forget to post the blog , doing my best.

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