Monday, October 29, 2012


I have been busy stocking our firewood supply. Also the other day my neighbor called me for some help.A friend of his ask him to transport 6 cows to auction for him because he's having his knee operated on and needed help.Well my neighbor just had his garage floor poured and was storing all his tools in his trailer. So i helped him unload his tools , then we went and picked up the cows and took them to auction. It was in Weston W.V. , nice little town , then we passed the old assylum. It looks creepy from the outside, can't wait to go on a tour. I am really enjoying this farm living , keeps me busy! We also are offically a farm, i got my tax id number from Charleston yesterday. The name of our farm is " 3's a charm farm " , we named it that cause Katie and i both were married twice before, with no luck, until us, is 3!

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