Friday, December 3, 2010

Which type foundation ?

We kicked it around for awhile of whether to use block or concrete . I really wanted a full basement, so when it came to running piping and wiring, it would be easy to access. A crawlspace is ok, but you will lay on your back to work. Since i'm doing the building basically myself , the labor to do the block would be too much. So we decided to go with concrete poured walls , we had professonally installed. It was so worth every penny! I was told by the installer that concrete walls are 65% stronger then block walls.I think i was told the containers weigh like 9000 lbs each . We did'nt want to have any problems with settling or cracking. Every well built house is started with a solid foundation ,thats how i feel. The walls are 8" thick and have a brick impression inside and out. We plan to paint the brick once the dust settles !!!

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