Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sealing the roof !

We plan on finishing the roof with trusses and a metal roof. But until then we just need to seal the seams where the containers come together. So for the time being, i took that rubber roofing (sticky on one side) cut it like 4" wide and stuck it down covering the seams. Next i got a couple of buckets of roof & foundation sealer ( same stuff i sealed the foundation with ) and covered the rubber,overlapping the edge. It worked well , no leaks in the basement from there, just alittle coming in where the container meets the sill. I have an idea for that, i think will fix it , let you know how it works out when i attemp it.


  1. Curtis,
    I finally had a chance to check out your blog. I am impressed. What do you plan to do for insulation? I want to build a another container home... a very basic house and a very low cost. The biggest obstacle I see is insulation. I want a low cost insulation that will also serve as an interior or exterior wall and covering. I insulated mine by framing it out and using conventional fiberglass insulation. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. I was told by the guy i bought them from that "closed cell spray insulation" is what he was told to use at an expo he went to.The reason was to keep condensation from entering .