Friday, December 31, 2010

Our saving grace !

There's something i want to share , even though it doesn't have anything to do with container building . Before we had the well drilled and the septic system installed we really roughed it. We stayed for a week or two at a time working on our property. The one thing that made it bearable was the hot shower i set up. You can set it up for about $350 , so if your icelated like we are, this is a must.The hot water maker is about $200 (comes with shower head & hose), the shower tent $35, submersible pump $45, garden hose $25, propane tank ( to run the heater) $50, 55 gal plastic drum $10. The only other very important thing is you need access to a water source. We are fortunant to have a stream running thru our property. We pumped the water from the creek , into the blue 55 gallon drum, put pump in drum , to water heater. This gave better pressure, cause the stream was about 100ft away, up hill. You can regulate the temperature on heater , to take the perfect shower , in the middle of nowhere! Also works great to wash the dishes, just bring a tub. My wife says " its the best part of camping" , she's absolutely right ! Just let me know if you need help to set it up .

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