Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Big Day !

The guy we purchased the containers from came over to check out where he would be delivering them. He said he did'nt feel comfortable about delivering out there. Our road is one lane , stone and some long drop offs. He did'nt think he could make the turn in town ,we live outside of. Oh boy, now we have a problem. We found the containers close to us but no one to deliver them here.I started calling around for weeks ,without luck.' NEVER GIVE UP" Then one day i call a towing garage , running out of options.I talk to one of the employees and he said "my boss isn't here right now but when he gets in i'll have him call you". So i asked him what do they tow ? He said "we move mobile homes"! I told him my cituation and he responded " If my boss can't move them, no one can" !Sweet ! He called me back and we planned on making a trip down to meet with him. He told me he could " get them down there". He delivered a container that we put in the edge of the woods, that we stayed in.That will be for storage , once the house is built. He did a great job ! So now was the big question " can you get 4 of them on top of that foundation"? I just figured the only way is with a crane . Just to get one out there is gonna cost us a few grand. How wrong i was! He said " i don't need a crane to get those up there" ! His price was very reasonable ! God sent us an angel that day ! He saved us alot of $$$ and did an awesome job ! We could'nt make it down that we to watch them do this. We had other obligations in Pa. but our neighbors said it was quite a spectical ! Stay tuned for how he did it ! Thanks Frank " YOUR THE MAN" !!!

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