Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sealing the foundation & installing the sill

For the record , we started building last summer. We live in another state & are in the process of fixing up our 1850's farmhouse to sell. Then we will be in our*container*home for good. So i am catching you up to where we are now. So , before we backfilled , i wanted to seal the concrete from ground moisture. So i used roof & foundation sealer ( its like tar ), i brushed it on , up to the ground level. Then i wrapped it in plastic, it sticks to the sealer & when it dries it adheres to it. Then with my JD850 that a friend of mine towed there for me last summer, i backfilled the foundation. I also installed the sill on top of the foundation walls , using pressure treated 2 X 8's. I put " sill sealer" between the wood & the concrete. Which is like a styrofoam about 1/4" wide , that seals any imprefections in the conrete edge so the seal is tight. The mason installed metal tabs sticking out of the top of the walls, which are the fasteners for the sill. There about every 2 feet apart , you drill holes in the sill , drop sill on top ,then bend down tabs and nail to sill.Now we are ready to put the containers on top ! We had them make the basement 40' x 32' . Why you ask ? So we can weld (4), 40' x 8' containers on top! So between the basement & the containers we will have 2560 sq. ft.

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