Thursday, October 20, 2011

The shower, tv and the cat

I started the shower stall yesterday. We had to run into town for some supplies. I had to get fittings so i can connect the 3/4 pvc to the tankless hot water heater. Then from there it goes to the pex manifold, then to all the fixtures. Then i can complete the bathroom , laundry room and kitchen plumbing ! We were also told , they start installing the electric poles tomorrow ! Then tis morning i wake up take the dogs out and we get greeted by a kitten . Someone must have left it and it found us. I wish i could keep it but we have enough pets already , so we took it to the s.p.c.a. It was cute, so it should have a good home soon. Oh yeh , we picked up our big screen from the shop. The computer board went poof , it was  still cheaper to fix, then a new one. I never realized how small a 19" screen is , lol .

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