Monday, October 3, 2011

Rainy days ....

Its been raining here for the last 3 days and i have no pictures. We did get the other half of the tin on with the help of  Katie , Orvil and Maryln ! Orvil came down early and up on the roof we went , yep even Katie ! Orvil had the great idea of using a c- clamp and block of wood . By tieing a rope to the clamp , i pull up from the roof and they pushed up from the ground. These sheets are 3' x 20' long and aukward . We all worked really hard and it was near lunchtime, i was getting hungry. Here comes Marlyn with lunch for us . She knew Katie was helping with the roof and wanted to make life easy for her. We are so blessed ! I put up more drywall today and Katie taped and spackled . Tommorrow they come back to fire the furnace. It's been lows of 42 the last two days and we've been using the woodstove ! The insulation is working well cause it was toasty . It should be dry tommorrow and i will take some pictures. I just want to take a minute to thank all our followers ! Because of your interest , i now have a reason to log all this . What a ride this has been and still is . We still  don't know when were getting electric, we will use the generator to fire the furnace tommorrow. By the way , Katie still makes great meals with half of a kitchen ! For the record , she really kicked butt on the roof ! We could have never done all that we have without your help , "Thank you so much" !!!

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