Thursday, October 27, 2011

No electric or drain !

The electric co. didn't come out today , they must have been busy . Last i told you i was working on  the bathroom. I installed the shower stall & toilet , but there are no drains yet. Since i hooked up the pex manifold, i was able to run a water line to the downstairs toilet. Before that we had a 55 gallon drum we filled with water, then scooped the water out with a pitcher to fill the toilet tank. Now it fills itself , automatically ! So i wanted Katie to enjoy the first shower in the new one. I havn't installed the drain pipe yet, so i ran a piece of pipe into the 55 gallon drum , then i dumped it outside. She loved it and so did i ! But remember , don't use the upstairs toilet yet , There's no drain ! 

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