Monday, October 3, 2011

In the past few days...

Since i wrote to you last , well i tried to last night and just as i got done writing, the generator ran out of gas. I did'nt have the energy to type again , so here goes in short. Thursday , Katie , Orvil and i put the other side of the tin on. Marlyn made us all a nice lunch so Katie could get a break from cooking too !  I drywalled the kitchen and dining room, Katie sanded and spackled. She has been really busting butt lately, she can feel the winter coming too! Frank from Grogg's came out to fire our new furnace. The furnace fired up after the air was pushed thru the gas line . It was the first time it was turned on since i installed it.No leaks in any of the lines and the furnace was quite. We went upstairs and it felt comfortable all over the house. I think were gonna like the new system. Then we did more drywall and spakling.I have no outside pictures yet because it was to warm inside to go out , lol. Thanks to everyone involved , including our followers that make this site possible !!! Were on facebook now too , i hope to get a chance to talk to my friends.

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