Thursday, August 29, 2013

Awning removal & deck cleaning

Today we worked at our ice cream shop. Katie did alot of cleaning , while Jerry and i removed the awning because it was really worn. When we removed it we found cool thick blocks behind it. We decided we may not put a new awning back up, cause we like the glass. It also allows alot more light in the store. The company we hired came and replace the front windows, looks great.I brought my pressure washer down and cleaned the deck , i plan to seal it in the next couple of days.We have already had customers come in to see if were open yet. We also met with the coca cola rep. to order some product. We also have a radio station across the street , that plays commercial free oldies music, perfect. The dj also does lettering and is printing our signs.


  1. Sounds like a busy day! By the way, it's great that you decided to power wash your deck. It certainly needed that to keep it sturdy and preserve its beauty. So have you sealed it already? Better do so while the weather is still good. Well, good luck on your business!
    Kylee @ Renew Crew

  2. I did seal it the next day , guess i been so busy i forgot to post it. It is fast when you use a weed sprayer and much easier. In fact a local guy hired me that day to wash and treat his 3 decks, which i finished yesterday.Thanks for the encouragment and following my blog. Since we moved here our lives seem to be falling right in place. They say that's what happens when it's meant to be.