Friday, May 20, 2011

Were online here now !

We've been here for 2 weeks now and we have several improvments. It's been raining everyday but 1 since we got here. The mud here sticks to you like glue, so i put some straw down , which helped alot. We love our new honda 2000e generator , it runs our tv , computer and a light or 2 refrigerators and 4 lights.We use our 6500 watt bigger gen. just for power tools and the well pump. Also im working on the deck and front steps , now that the walls are out . I built the frames for the solar panels and ran the wires underground to the house. Katie wired the panels in series and together we wired the charge controller up today. We plan on connecting the inverter tommorrow , the last step. Since the suns suppose to shine tommorrow , we want to test the system we built. Thanks to my brother , Danny, he hooked me up with the batteries, connectors and wire , what a bro. We were able to get dsl here , which allows me to post again. So i can post more often , plus were staying here to work on the house full time.Thanks for your patience, lots more coming !

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