Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We finished adding the 2 other components to the solar system , the charge controller and the inverter. The last few nights we have watched tv , used the computer and lit some lights , all without the generator. It's nice at night , when it's quiet , not to here the generator. Quess we did it right ! Then i finished the steps , i cut my first set of runners , what a challenge ! Also , we wanted to start a garden , but don't have our tiller here. Surprise ! My neighbors are so great here , they brought there tractor over with the tiller and tilled it for us. Then Katie found me a helper in town . Our first job was to install an electric fence around it so critters don't get in and eat the plants. Again we went solar with the electric fence , its charging the batteries as i'm writing you . Tomorrow i can test it. I needed to rent a generator to start putting windows in but my other neighbor stopped down and yelled at me for not telling him i needed one. That night he brought me one i could borrow ! God i love it here in heaven ! I have the best neighbors ever !!! So tomorrow morning Bubba and I put in the first window ! Talk to ya then .....

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