Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Katie !

We stayed for a few days in October to install the stove upstairs. We found it was too cold in the containers without any insulation, to sleep in there. We did noticed there was about a 15 degree difference in temperature between the floors, the basement being warmer. So we decided to move all our stuff downstairs, so when we came back with another stove for the basement, we would be set.We came back in November with a soapstone stove, i bought on ebay and we got it in there and i used the existing chimney to exhaust. Now we have everything , well almost ! This is where the title of this post makes sense. Up until now we have been using the bucket for a toilet . So i promised to Katie that for her birthday i would install a real toilet. So i built a subfloor , installed the toilet . Happy Birthday Katie !

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