Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm In !

I was voted in by my fellow fire fighters last week ! I am now the greenhorn in the Cairo VFD and proud of it. The guys that are involved are some of the nicest guys i've met. I can't wait to serve our town and be a help to protect our community !


  1. Congrats... Cairo VFD has gained a great asset in accepting you as part of there team.It is awesome that you are giving yourself as a public servant to help others within your community.. We will see katie and you soon, can't wait to visit the community of Cairo in which both of you are so proud to be apart of.

    Love you guys,
    Kurt and Kathryn

  2. Great stuff on you Facebook page.. You both really seem to get to meet some of the greatest people that pass through your town.. Also really nice picture of Katie and You. Well we are on the count down and Kathryn and I are getting really excited on our journey to Cairo WV. Small town living is where it's at..

    Love You Both,
    Kurt & Kathryn

    1. We can't wait to see you guys !!!

      Love, Curt & Katie