Thursday, February 20, 2014

Party with a crane ?

Sorry i haven't posted in awhile , been busy. The restaurant is taken up alot of our time.Also i have been posting alot on facebook for advertising and alot of our customers go there. Check us out at " Shemp's Cafe"  and like us on facebook. So our latest addition to the place is a " Big Choice crane machine". We just thru a surf & turf party to thank all our friends for their help and support ! On the menu was " Swamp boil & Prime rib " appitizers , dessert and refreshments ! Jim "Cornbread" Petry played for us too !


  1. Great times, great party, great friends! We love you guys. Interesting pics! Who are those crazies?? ;-)

  2. Love you too guys ! We had a blast with you and Gerry !