Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The words out !

Our local county newspaper called us and wanted to do an interview with us. We gladly excepted ! Now we are in the newspaper again for our new restaurant and the story behind it. Our lives have really become exciting being celebrities here in West Virginia !


  1. Curt, it is so awesome the hard work Katie and You have invested, not only in your business put in the community as well..I hope Katie and You continue to enjoy the journey and have a Merry Christmas, along with a Happy New year...

    Love You Guys,
    Kathryn & Kurt

  2. Kurt, thanks so much for your support , you are truly a great friend. We can't wait till we can get together and meet Kathryn. She has to be pretty special too ! You guys have a wonderful holiday and we will be thinking of you . I may not contact you as much as i would like. but your always in my prayers.

    Love, Curt & Katie